Our Team

 Uri Neren, President and Founder

Uri Neren, President and Founder

Uri founded Innovators in 2007 at the request of the founding corporate members, and is an entrepreneur owning several companies.  He has a diverse background including R&D in clean energy technology, public media, policy, and leadership training. He is a writer for Harvard Business Review, holds an MBA and degrees in International Relations and Biology, and has a passion for arctic travel.


Greg Duppler, Board of Advisors

Greg is the retired SVP of Merchandising for Target Corporation. He brought Super Targets to market and helped invent the Planogram which changed retail forever.  He serves on the UW-Madison Business School board of directors and is ii's growth advisor. 


MaryAnne Stump, Board of Advisors

MaryAnn is the former Chief Strategy andInnovation Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shieldof Minnesota. She was integral in bringing Minute Clinic to market, and is a recognized leader in consumer-centric and web basedhealthcare. MaryAnn was a founding member of our first group and sits on the ii advisory board. 


Karl Ronn, Board of Advisors

Karl is the former head of innovation and R&D for Procter & Gamble where he leads some of the most successful multi-billion dollar innovation and top line growth efforts in the world.  Karl leads our Innovators USA group, and sits on our board of advisors.


Daryl Dunbar, Board of Advisors

Daryl recently left global publishing company, Reed Elsevier, as SVP of Innovation and previously served a similar role with British Telecom. In these roles, he worked to bring many impressive innovations to market.  Daryl oversees our Innovators Europe group from London and sits on our board of advisors.


Joel Barker, Board of Advisors

Joel Barker is a globally renowned futurist and was instrumental to the survival and or success of organizations such as IBM and NASA.  He was the first to popularize the concept and term “paradigm shift” in the 1970’s and his Implications Wheel has been used inside the White House and hundreds of corporations. 


Randy Harward, Board of Advisors

Randy was originally a member of ii when he served as the R&D leader for Patagonia.  He spent 27 years working in business leadership, operational, and innovation roles at Patagonia, is one of the most savvy innovation leaders around and has a deep passion for the outdoors and our future. 


Kevin Rutherford, Board of Advisors

Kevin was most recently the CEO and President of Caldrea where he in just several short years moved the company to nearly 40% year over year growth.  He has led turnarounds for Miller, Kashi, and is a true expert in growth through culture.


Mike Neren, Board of Advisors

Dr. Mike Neren has a unique innovation perspective from his diverse experience.  His work has ranged from working as a practicing physician, co founder and managing partner of a speciality medical group, and senior positions in hospital and care management organizations.


Lynelle Preston Cameron, Board of Advisors

Lynelle is the President & CEO of the Autodesk Foundation and Senior Director of Sustainability and Philanthropy.